Trump Holding at 40% Approval

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Despite starting with an all-time low approval rating for the beginning of a presidency, Donald Trump has been holding relatively steady near 40% for the first six months.  He's still below where everybody else for 180 days in, but his supporters are sticking with him.  As a result, the bootlicking, Republican members of Congress refuse to come out against him in any meaningful way.  The only people that do are Senators that have just been re-elected to six-year terms like John McCain.  Everyone else up for re-election is too afraid to take a stand against President Little Hands.  With a 40% approval rating, you can basically double it to determine the percentage of Republicans that approve of the job he's doing.

That said, his support is not as strong as he would have you believe.  Many Trump supporters want to 'give him a chance' before abandoning ship, arguing that he needs enough time to pass his agenda.  While many will stand by him until the end, I would argue his support could drop down to 30% in a year without too much trouble.  The start of a presidency is typically the high point and many presidents see their approval slide as they go along.  Voters grow tired of leadership and start listening to the minority party and how they can make it all better.  It's much easier to criticize than it is to govern, so the Democrats will have a distinct advantage heading into midterms and Trump's support will start to erode.

What will be fascinating to watch is how many GOP reps suddenly find the courage to speak out against the dirtbag once his approval declines.  At thirty percent overall approval, he would only have the backing of roughly sixty percent of conservatives.  Once that happens, and it will, you'll see a slew of Republicans coming out against Trump.  I wouldn't be surprised if it coincides with Robert Mueller's findings about the obstruction of justice charges.  Whether that's enough to impeach him remains to be seen, but considering we have a GOP House and Senate, his approval rating would have to be pretty low to give them enough political cover.