Sean Spicer Resigns After Only Six Months

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The spokesperson for the White House has quit after lasting just six months defending President Little Hands.  Sean Spicer, who kicked off his first press conference spewing lie after lie about the size of Trump's inaugural crowd, resigned after Donald decided to hire Wall Street insider Anthony Scaramucci as the White House Communications Director.  Spicer has had a contentious relationship with the press corps to say the least and has often been combative and hostile, often rambling about 'fake news' anytime the press asked a question that painted the President in a negative light. 

Despite having only held the position for six months, he is one of the most (in)famous members of the Trump administration and should do extremely well in the private sector.  There are many lobbying and PR firms that would line up to hire a former White House spokesman.  He was reportedly upset over having to resign, which is sad because the White House is like a pathetic, reality soap opera.  However, power and fame is addictive, which is why you see so many people clamoring to get in and nobody willing to leave unless they're given the heave-ho. 

I have seen Scaramucci for years on CNBC providing commentary on the financial markets and he is very well spoken, but his first press conference was disappointing.  He sounded completely phony as he went on about how he loved Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus was like his brother.  Right.  Spicer is leaving because of Scaramucci's hiring and Priebus can't stand him.  Preibus did everything he could to prevent Scaramucci from being hired. 

So now we know our new White House Communications Director is a fraud who will say whatever is necessary to gloss over an issue.  During his press conference, Scaramuccci also made clear that he is loval to the President which is exactly what Trump wants to hear.  Trump is effectively purging anyone who is not absolutely loyal or related to him.  Preibus is most likely the next one to go as Trump is determined to create a staff of bootlickers, whether they're qualified for a role or not.

The soap opera continues and in the meantime, nothing gets done.