John McCain Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

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Senator John McCain reportedly had an aggressive brain tumor called a glioblastoma removed that was discovered after recently having surgery to remove a blod clot behind his eye.  The 80-year old Senator from Arizona is a war hero and a former Republican nominee for President of the United States.  He was away from Washington this week to recover from the surgery to remove the blod clot, but he now is likely to undergo treatment that would involve chemotherapy and radiation.

This type of tumor is considered to be the most malignent of all brain tumors.  Medical experts estimate that the median survival rate is just sixteen months as the tumor typically comes back even after chemo and radiation. 

I would never want to count out John McCain as he's a fighter that has been through a lot, but this may be something he cannot overcome.  Hopefully it was caught early enough and the treatment works, but the reports we're seeing thus far paint a grim picture.  As an 80-year old man, the chemotherapy and radiation is sure to take a toll on his body and he is unlikely to spend much time in Washington for the duration of the illness.  He was just re-elected to a six-year term, so his seat will be waiting for him should he prevail, but it doesn't look good at the moment. 

Tributes have been pouring in all night, with heartfelt comments from Barack Obama, Steve Scalise, and others.  Not so meaningful or heartfelt was the generic comments from the dopey current president, who released a generic statement that could've been about anyone. 

What we do know is that John McCain has led a remarkable life.  The son and grandson of high-ranking military admirals in the United States Navy, he continued the family legacy and enlisted as a young man.  His plane was shot down in Vietnam and he was captured by the North Vietnamese.  While Donald Trump doesn't think he's a hero because he was captured, what made McCain's story so special was that he turned down an offer to be released by his captors.  He didn't want any special treatment because of the position his father held.  When he was eventually released after five grueling years, he became a Congressman and then a Senator.  He has since served the State of Arizona for the last thirty years.