Catholics Out to Tarnish a Great Justice

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The Catholic Church never ceases to amaze me.  Run by bigots, haters, and sexual deviants for centuries, they have yet to look inward to discover their dark, pathetic souls.  Fortunately, their pull is not as powerful as it used to, so you may have missed the National Catholic Registry's insulting and disturbing call for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire and repent.  Apparently, since the Stanford and Harvard University educated justice does not vote the way the bible-thumping religious freaks want him to, he somehow must atone for his sins.  They hold him responsible for the 'destruction of all law' and claim that he practices judicial insanity.  Seriously, they said that.

You would think in reading their article that it was a joke, that it was really written by The Onion staff and it was all fake news.  Sadly, that's not the case.  They actually believe that one of the moderate justices on the Supreme Court, one of the most respected and thoughtful leaders of our time, should somehow repent.

In reality, Justice Kennedy has been a calm and steady voice in a sea of partisanship since his nomination by Ronald Reagan in 1987.  He is a Republican and has been a reliable conservative vote for the majority of cases over his thirty year tenure.  However, he has been the swing vote in a handful of high-profile cases when the court was split at 4-4. 

I guess the Catholics feel betrayed that he didn't vote in lockstep with Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, two hard right members of the court.  Kennedy actually had a mind of his own, something the Catholics despise.  No matter, the religion is slowly dying as people realize that it's all nonsense; as all organized religions are.  They only exist to further their power and money throughout the world. 

Justice Kennedy doesn't need to apologize or repent for anything.  He's had a remarkable life and stellar career, from serving our country in the Army National Guard to serving on the highest court in the land for nearly thirty years.  When he does retire, he'll go down as one of most important justices of the modern era.