Patiently Awaiting the Pence Presidency

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Under the last president, it was always no drama Obama.  Disagree with his politics, but he managed to have and eight-year presidency free of scandal.  With the dopey billionaire as President and his elitist, snob family running the show, it is all drama, all the time.  Not a day goes by it seems without another scandal leading the news.  If it's not the Russia investigation, it's about his son and son-in-law's incompetence and their steady stream of lies.  Of all the drama though, it is probably Robert Muelller's investigation into the firing of James Comey that may ultimately bring down Trump.  While it may take Mueller an entire year to complete his investigation, it could very well lead to an obstruction of justice charge against the President and possible impeachment (fingers crossed).

It's a long way from today until then, but for now I am ignoring the buffoon in the White House and patiently waiting for the next President of the United States:  Michael Pence.  Unlike the last two guys, Pence actually has experience running a government as he was previously the Governor of Indiana.  It will be a seamless transition devoid of drama.  Although he is more conservative than my liking, he will be a stable, steady hand for the remainder of the four year term.  He won't embarass the country in front of world leaders, he won't grovel at the feet of Vladimir Putin, and he will not hire his family for high-ranking jobs in the White House.  What he will do is keep a fiscally conservative agenda that includes tax cuts and de-regulation. 

On the negative side, he is disturbingly anti-gay and a hardcore Jesus freak.  However, it's highly doubtful that he'll do much to change the strong movement toward gay marriage across the country.  Despite his obvious flaws, if the choices are between Donald Trump and Mike Pence until 2020, it's an easy one.